POWEROWN offers a complete product range of Solar pcu, accessories and the best photo voltaic systems to maximize profit.

POWEROWN stands for “Solar pcu for Versatile and Intelligent Applications“.

POWEROWN solar pcu are not only the heart of your system, but also the intelligent control equipment of your power generation ranges from 0.5KVA to 10 KVA

The advanced MPPT TRACKING algorithm from Powerown assures the maximum available power of the solar panel is used to charge the batteries. Powerown MPPT with latest technology ensures full performance in all conditions. Professional battery care combined with modern design and excellent protection with MPPT Technology. The charging current is boosted up to 30{0572877d3325e04379f22f7139c7cebe53cf53ba5b4980c979b04c491e781863}.


CIS Solar panels for High Efficiency and Reliability
Advanced Battery Management to ensure
More Battery Life
Solar Compatible
Ease of Operation
Low Maintenance Cost
Solar Battery
C10 rated battery for long life and maximum performance
Lower Internal resistance
Excellent charge acceptance
Least gas generation

One of the key challenges we face today is to use renewable energy sustainably. As one of the most recent photo voltaic technologies, CIS offers huge potential for the future. A distinctive feature of CIS modules is their outstanding performance in low light conditions, thanks to the fact that CIS has the highest spectral response of all photo voltaic technologies. Studies by the NREL (National Renewable Energy Labo-ratory, USA) and the ZSW (Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff) show that CIS is the most efficient of all thin-film technologies.

Higher Output Ratio

Compared to polycrystalline silicon technology, global field data show consistently higher output ratio (kWh/kWp) for our CIS modules – that is, our panels produce more energy for ev-ery kilowatt-peak you install.

Shorter Energy Payback Time

Energy Payback Time is the time required for a module to gen-erate the same amount of energy spent in its production. CIS modules require 60{0572877d3325e04379f22f7139c7cebe53cf53ba5b4980c979b04c491e781863} less energy to produce than crystalline silicon.

The “Light Soaking” Effect

Following an initial period of exposure to sunlight, the CIS light soaking effect will result in higher output than factory spec. This has been proven by field data from around the world.

Compatible with a wide range of inverters.
Multiple moisture barriers and robust construction ensure the reliability of our modules.
CIS technology uses zero cadmium, is lead-free.


High Durability
Maximum sunlight extraction
Assured maximum solar efficiency