Powerown introduces its own indigenously created marvel- HOME GUARD TAB. This mini wonder protects your premises and acts as a 24 hour watch-dog. The Home Guard Tab is nothing short of a home automation wonder. The product comes in three models.

1)Home Guard Tab : The Home Guard Tab is the complete GSM based security system and it can be operated through an android based mobile application from any where in the world. Through its unique feature you can schedule the working of any number of electronic/ electrical appliances and lights and can be connected to any number of wireless or wired sensors.

2)Home Guard Plus : The Home Guard Plus is a GSM based security system and it can be operated through an android based mobile application from any where in the world. Apart from the above functions, the Home Guard + works on 7 zone wired sensors and any number of wireless sensors and can control four electrical/ electronic appliances.

3)Home Guard Elite : The Home Guard Elite is a basic GSM based security system and it can be operated through mobile phone from any where in the world. Comes with a burglar alarm and can be connected to four wireless sensors. The Home Guard also sends GSM based alarm to ten mobile phones whenever there is a breach of security in the premises.
HOME GUARD TAB gives exactly this…100{0572877d3325e04379f22f7139c7cebe53cf53ba5b4980c979b04c491e781863} security at most affordable costs.

Powerown Home Guard Tab can integrate IP cameras with high definition resolution zoom facility, automated gates, home appliances, irrigation system, home/ office lighting etc… for your total control.
Control from anywhere in the world
Unique android application of POWEROWN lets you access your security systems and appliances.

Equipped with security cameras, hooters, GSM based alarm to mobile phones, automation of electrical and electronic appliances. Home Guard Tab is an essential in any home/office in the present day world. Since the technology and the products are indigenous, Securo and Powerown offers a life time service on the product. Protect your valuables…24/7.

Convenient Wireless Remote
Remotely arm and disarm your security system.

Magnetic Door Sensor
For windows, Doors, Cupboard and Ventilators
Comprises of a magnet and switch, screw provi-sion for easy mounting 15mm operating gap.

Smoke/ Carbon monoxide sensor.
When smoke or high level carbon monoxide gas is detected, these devise are designed alert your family for safety.

Glass break Sensor
By providing shatter and shock protection for your windows. Glass break sensors create on ear-ly defence against forced entry into your home.

Microwave +PIR Motion Sensor.
These pet-friendly devices track intruder move-ment while allowing your animals to roam freely around your house

Telephone Control
Forgot to activate your system? You can easily arm, disarm, control lighting and remote gates and more… or control your entire system from any phone in the world.

LPG Gas Sensor
Activates alarm in the event of a gas leak to en-able emergency response.

Hooter Siren
Siren is a device to alert a home owner or security guard when any other sensors get tampered.

Twin Beam Sensor
Twin Beam Sensor are recommended for security for periphery & boundary wall protection.

Vibration Sensor
This sensor detects vibrations that may signal a possible intrusion. Connects to alarm boxes using standard two part wiring.