Empowered Muslim Girls – Malaysia, a design Muslim Nation

If ever you believed that Only Muslim People of the Western was “liberated”, glance at Malaysian Muslim women! Women in Malaysia was motivated. I have seen Hijabis to try out rugby, I have seen Muslim girls carrying machetes – knocking off of the tops away from coconuts on the street, I have seen Niqabis driving motorcycles (they’ve got actually changed the newest motorcycle to possess a “seat” for ladies who want to not use the straddle seat). I’ve seen Malaysian Muslim women in every aspect of lives excelling, pushing submit, and you will I have seen visitors in her own household members and area support the woman. He is Chief executive officers off organizations, judges, members of parliament, professors, military girls, police people, mothers, wives and much Santa ClaritaCA escort more.

After using the final 4 years when you look at the Malaysia, I came across Malaysia becoming a model Muslim country that’s in fact offering ladies brand new legal rights one Islam entitled them to thus many years ago (and never allowing patriarchy otherwise people vagina her or him out-of the lady). Some tips about what I’ve seen in Malaysia:

Brand new girl’s moms and dads continue steadily to support their financially up until this lady partner has actually graduated and you can been operating – using economic weight off of the couple for their earliest couples of decades

-EDUCATION: You’ll find thirteen women college or university students for each and every 10 male students. In my Islamic degree kinds, ladies outnumbered guys step three to 1. Our very own college try teeming with female professors who have been exercises in the top out-of blended categories out-of men and women college students (separated side to side, perhaps not back-to-front). Every certainly my male faculty said that their girlfriend has also been an instructor or professor, extremely holding PhDs otherwise Positives. The fresh new Rector out-of my personal college, the new Globally Islamic College or university out of Malaysia try a woman!

-WORK: 47% out of Malaysian ladies are throughout the employees. Ladies are not restricted towards the domestic, preparing and you can clean up (nor are they averted out of performing this). ).

-RELIGION: You can find Muslim ladies scholars! It is amazing and you can refreshing observe that just about every conference have girls speakers incorporated, plus group meetings geared toward females also are men speakers. Away from my sense, brand new sexes aren’t from the odds collectively, it works together with her when you look at the harmony and you may admiration. Ladies students speak in front of blended events with no one to bats a watch- they look within their based on her background, not this lady intercourse.

I recall a funny moment when my teacher asked us to see a good “contemporary” fiqh question to type a research paper for the – I shared with her I want to check out the matter from “women speaking-to a combined listeners of men and women”. She chuckled, searching confused, understanding I’m regarding All of us. She answered, “that is not today’s point, which has been investigated very carefully, definitely people can also be speak facing men.. that’s not a questionable matter today.” I was informed of females students inside our previous, ladies teachers of one’s higher ulama, and i also was dumbfounded. In the usa, still, this will be a segmet of debate, yet , inside Malaysia it absolutely was a non-matter.

It is rather well-known for most household having takeout per night as the each other partners work (with no one is worrying, discover enough restaurants stalls exterior the house, and it’s really cheap!

-CLOTHES: The new headscarf isn’t implemented, yet most Malaysian Muslim women prefer to put it on, inside the any type of contour and you can form they really want – if that is an enthusiastic abaya and you may niqab, skirt and ideal, Baju Melayu, otherwise trousers. The fresh “Haram Police” are not lurking to. In reality, while there is a large Chinese and you may Hindu population, it’s well-known to see low-Muslim women in pants and container passes, however they are maybe not shamed nor frowned upon, “for you is the faith, for my situation are exploit” while the Allah states regarding the Quran. Liberty from faith is actually acknowledged, distinctions is actually accepted.

-MOSQUE Rooms: Every single mosque I have visited has experienced an excellent prayer place for women, inside the brand new kampung “village” city, in which you might predict what to vary. As well as in the most significant and more than notorious mosques, there is absolutely no bodily hindrance within people, just like the masjid of your own Prophet Muhammad (S). Girls with youngsters are invited having warm smiles, maybe not scornful seems – even in i’tikaf, becoming the night time about masjid having Ramadan.

-People Regard Females: Maybe not shortly after inside my 4 years did I feel disrespected of the a guy, looked down through to, neither ogled or stared in the. The fresh new boys listed below are allies of females. Value is one of the greatest characteristics of one’s Malay some one, and it trickles right down to sex connections also. Husbands assistance with its babies, indeed it’s more widespread to see dads which have children secured as much as her or him for the kid carriers than mothers!

-FAMILIES: Ladies are perhaps not forced to get married. All the wedding I’ve went to for the Malaysia within my cuatro age right here had been by the assortment of one another couple, along with the blessings of their household. Many family members here are desperate to service their children to acquire partnered, even in the event these include more youthful plus school.

The beauty of Malaysia is that the women are able to do it each of their rights and you will freedoms that Islam provided the girl, yet they won’t wish to lose their femininity in the the procedure – it nonetheless preserve such as a soft and you may enjoying character, nonetheless top moderately and work pleasantly and elegantly. Sure, every place has its own points, and you may I’m sure Malaysia has its vices. But from what I have seen, he’s an unit throughout us to capture heed in order to.

Safiya Ravat graduated that have a degree inside Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh and you can Usul al Fiqh) in the All over the world Islamic University from Malaysia, plus a news media education in the University out-of Houston. She and her partner live in Dallas, Colorado in which he could be functioning according to the Bayyinah Basis. Complete biography here. Pursue her or him for more videos and you will posts for the Facebook from the Mahad and Safiya.