• Summer Quarter 2022
  • Fall Quarter 2022

SCAND 100 Inclusion to Scandinavian Society (5) VLPA/I&SThe Scandinavian feel from the Viking Ages to the current go out; the backdrop having modern Scandinavian democracy, which have big emphasis on the fresh cultural, governmental, and you may religious growth of brand new Scandinavian nations.See way facts when you look at the MyPlan: SCAND 100

SCAND 150 Norwegian Literary and you may Social History (5) VLPAA survey of Norwegian literary and you may cultural record about Vikings to the current. Authors comprehend include Bjornson, Ibsen, Hamsun, and you can Roolvaag.Take a look at movement facts inside the MyPlan: SCAND 150

SCAND 151 Finnish Literary and you will Cultural Record (5) VLPAA survey off Finnish literary works and you may social records into the 19th and you may twentieth many years. People read is Lonnrot, Snellmann, Kivi, Sodergran, Linna, Haavikko, and you may Kaurismaki.View movement facts when you look at the MyPlan: SCAND 151

SCAND 152 Latvian Literary and you can Social Background (5) VLPA GrinbergaSurvey off Latvian literary and you may cultural background regarding the nineteenth century to the current. Writers tend to be Pumpurs, Rainis, Aspazija, Blaumanis, Nesaule, Bels, and you may Zalite.Examine movement information inside MyPlan: SCAND 152

SCAND 153 Inclusion in order to Lithuanian Literary and you may Social Record (5) VLPA ValanciauskieneSurveys Lithuanian literary and you can social record from the Medieval several months to the present. Experts is Dauksa, Maironis, Biliunas, Ciurloinis, Boruta, Granauskas, Aputis, Vilimaite, Milosz, although some.Have a look at direction details inside the MyPlan: SCAND 153

Offered: W, also many years

SCAND 154 Estonian Literary and you may Cultural Background (5) VLPA G. Article writers, musicians and artists, musicians and artists, and you will filmmakers is Kaplinski, Koidula, Kreutzwald, Vilde, Part, Tormis, Meri, Parn, Pollu, while some. Offered: jointly with JSIS A good 154; AWSpS.View course info within the MyPlan: SCAND 154

SCAND 155 Danish Literary and you can Social Records (5) VLPA HansenIntroduces this new literary and social reputation of Denmark. Concentrates on several significant books and you may social times on the Viking Ages, the brand new Enlightenment, nineteenth-century Romanticism, twentieth-century Modernism, and newest Danish literary works, journalism, and you may movie.Evaluate way facts when you look at the MyPlan: SCAND 155

SCAND 156 Addition to Swedish Literary and you will Cultural History (5) VLPA We. DUBOIS, A. GAVEL ADAMSIntroduction in order to modern Swedish books, society, and contemporary discourses for the competition, multiculturalism, sex equivalence, and LGBTI. Offered: WSp.Glance at movement info when you look at the MyPlan: SCAND 156

SCAND 175 Nobel Honor inside Literature (3) VLPA Andrew NestingenStudies business from Nobel prize, that have focus on literature and you may Nobel-award winners’ functions. Credit/no-borrowing merely. Offered: A good.Have a look at course facts for the MyPlan: SCAND 175

SCAND 2 hundred Scandinavia Now (5) VLPA/I&S C. INGEBRITSENExamines new unique procedures, institutions, and you may personal norms, and you will cultures of contemporary Scandinavian societies. Subject areas include: the introduction of a great “middle way” between capitalism and you will socialism, the brand new welfare condition, societal coverage, Scandinavia throughout the around the globe system, and you can modern discussions from the ples from plan argument and you may society while the objects of analysis.See course information inside the MyPlan: SCAND 200

SCAND 232 Hans Christian Andersen and Story book Society (5) VLPAInfluence out-of Hans Christian Andersen as well as the fairy tale into the progressive Scandinavian reports and you will tales. Looks at the importance of escort in Sioux Falls new mythic in the current industry, with attention to writers eg Isak Dinesen, Knut Hamsun, Villy Sorensen, William Heinesen.Evaluate direction info when you look at the MyPlan: SCAND 232

SCAND 251 Holberg along with his Comedies when you look at the English (2) VLPAHolberg with his biggest dramas, that have attention to the brand new comic traditions regarding the Scandinavian theatre.Consider direction details in the MyPlan: SCAND 251

SmidchensSurveys Estonian literary and social record throughout the primitive months so you can today’s

SCAND 270 Sagas of Vikings (5) VLPAIcelandic sagas and you will poetry regarding Vikings relating to thirteenth-millennium community.Have a look at course details within the MyPlan: SCAND 270

SCAND 271 Film Investigation: Northern Point of views (5) VLPA Andrew NestingenTools and you may point of views for examining movies, centering on movies on circumpolar region. Objectives: (1) discovering a couple of search terms into the examination of movie and television; (2) putting on an understanding of flick and television due to the fact cultural projects; (3) carrying out a series study. Recommended: first-year structure. Check movement facts into the MyPlan: SCAND 271